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We focus on our customers and quality work

There’s many things that separate us from other Portland area glass companies. First and foremost, we go out of our way to give our customers better service than they can find elsewhere. That’s why they keep coming back and why they refer their friends and family to Sierra Glass.

How Sierra Glass Works

What sets Sierra Glass apart from others?

  • Willing to travel and do work on the northern Oregon coast from Seaside to Lincoln City (customer pays travel time).
  • Willing to do estimates, installations and repair work without owner or another adult being present. Leave a key or instructions on where to find the key and we’ll let ourselves in, do the work and lock up when finished.
  • Can work within a time frame to get project completed by a specific date. If our schedule is full, we’ll let you know that when you call and will give you the earliest date available.
  • If you’re unable to meet in person for the estimate, we can do everything via email and/or phone. Completed estimates can be emailed and details worked out to your satisfaction.
  • When doing installations, our field guys need to wear shoes for safety reasons but if you’re concerned about your carpet, they can wear booties to protect your flooring.

See how we work-recent case study in Rockway OregonGlass shower enclosure

Installed 2 shower doors for Kris

  • 3/8" clear glass enclosure with brushed nickel hardware in master bath
  • By-pass slider in guest bath

The entire job was arranged via email as Kris (customer) was unable to meet Vince at the home. Vince does all the estimates so Kris told him where to find the hidden key and he went out to do estimates for both bathrooms, carefully locking up when he was done.

He emailed a detailed proposal and she responded by asking for a few changes, which he was able to accommodate. She knew she would not be able to be present during the install and asked if the work could be done without anyone being there and Vince assured her it was no problem.

There was 1 potential difficulty as the master bath had a decorative tile rail mounted on the wall. Normally, Sierra would need to have a tile guy notch out the tile to make room for the glass but Kris said she trusted Vince (and Sierra Glass) to do it right. With this vote of confidence, our field technicians notched out the tile rail during the install and everything went exactly as planned.

Kris needed both shower doors to be installed by a specific date as they were expecting guests. Vince was able to guarantee her the job would be done on time and it was.

"Oh my goodness—isn’t that just beautiful!! Finally, we can take a shower in the master bathroom. YIPPEE!

We want to especially thank you on three counts: the first is that you were willing to work in the home without our presence (it’s been hard for us to take time off to get things done in Rockaway), also that you were willing to take care of the chair rail detail to get the glass in, and finally that you could get the job done in the time frame we were hoping for!

Our guests will be here on Monday and they can also take a shower in their bathroom too. Again, it really looks beautiful. Thank you for a job well done, done by craftsmen”

- Kris W. Portland, OR

Easy and convenient estimates

All estimates are done by Vince Carter, owner of Sierra Glass. Vince will set up a time (at your convenience) for an estimate and afterwards, he’ll write up a deatailed written proposal so you’ll know exactly what your options are and how much the project will cost.

You do not need to be present during the estimate. The proposal can be emailed so you can review it at your leisure.

Sierra Glass Shower Door

Experienced staff

Installations and repairs are done by the Sierra Glass field technicians.

They have years of experience in the glass industry doing everything from installing shower doors to retrofitting windows to new window installs and all types of glass repair.

Kris is thrilled with her new 3/8" clear glass shower enclosure in the master bath.

Sierra Glass Custom Shower Enclosure